GM 8.1L Industrial Engine

These are brand new General Motors Vortec 8.1 liter industrial engines. They work in the generators and irrigation pumps and come complete as shown. Engine parts such as engine blocks, crankshafts and cylinder heads are readily available as well.



Price : $7995.00 TO $10,995.00

Model :8.1L GM

Description : Coil-near-plug ignition includes crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor, ESC sensors, and eight ignition coils. Cylinder head features high-flow replicated ports and sintered powder metal exhaust valve seat inserts for durability. Industrial torsional damper with integral six-rib pulley to accommodate serpentine accessory drive hardware.
Iron exhaust valve seat facing for better valve durability with alternative fuel applications. Platinum tip long-life spark plugs.
High torque camshaft with hydraulic roller valve lifters provides maximum performance. Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system is integral to intake manifold (no valve required).
Coated cast aluminum 8-quart oil pan with full baffle and 12-mm drain plugs on port and starboard sides.
Industrial external water crossover. Coated, flat top hypereutectic cast aluminum pistons.
Engine block quick-connect oil fittings for easy assembly of oil coolers or remote oil systems.

General Data

Type 90° 8.1L V8
Displacement 496 cid (8127 cc)
Compression Ratio 9.1:1
Valve Config Pushrod Actuated Overhead Canted Valves
Manufactured Tonawanda, New York
Valve Lifters Hydraulic Roller
Bore x Stroke 4.25 x 4.37 in (107.95 mm x 111 mm)
Main Bearing Caps 4-Bolt Cast Iron
Balance Method Internal
Intake Manifold Factory-Installed Alternate Fuel Manifold
Fuel Delivery LPG/NG Mixer
Oil Pan Capacity 8 qt
Fuel Types NG, LPG
Engine Rotation Clockwise (from the front)
Paint Protection Component Painted
Horsepower 264 hp @ 3000 rpm
(Propane), 240 hp @ 3000 rpm
(Natural Gas)
Torque 462 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm
(Propane), 417 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm
(Natural Gas)
Shipping Weight 729 lb (307.49 kg)


Block Cast Iron
Cylinder Head Cast Iron
Intake Manifold One Piece Cast Aluminum
Crankshaft High-Density Nodular Iron(with undercut and rolled fillets)
Pistons Hypereutectic Cast Aluminum
Exhaust Seat Sintered powder metal exhaust valve seat inserts
Gaskets Non-Asbestos

Engine Sealing System

  • One-piece viton rear main seal
  • One-piece oil pan gasket
  • Molded rocker cover seal
  • Composite graphite cylinder head
  • gaskets with stainless steel core.


Switch & Sender Water Temp & Oil Pressure

Fuel System Options

  • Closed-Loop Fuel System Kit Dual Fuel
  • LPG (Mixer, Throttle Body, Fuel Lock, Regulator)
  • LPG W/Governor (Same As Above w/Elec. Governor)
  • LPG W/Governor (Same As Above w/Velocity Governor)
  • LPG Carb
  • NG/LPG Carb Dual Fuel
  • NG Carb
  • NG (Mixer, Throttle Body & Air Cleaner)
  • NG W/Governor (Same As Above w/Elec. Governor)
  • Three Way Catalyst Available

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