GM 2.4L Industrial Engine

Brand new or Remanufactured General Motors Vortec 2400 liter industrial engines. They are found in the Hyster forklift trucks . Yale forklift trucks and Doosan applications. Engine parts are available for purchase, such as cylinder heads, crankshafts, gaskets and other parts. We can rebuild this engine on a custom build bases. Please call!

New Marine Engine
New Marine Engine
(No Intake Manifold Included)


Price : $5995.00 / REMANUFACTURED $3995.00

Model : 2.4L GM

Description :Designed to work with gasoline, liquid propane gas and natural gas. Pistons have high silicon content for improved durability and noise reduction. Sintered powdered-metal exhaust valve seat inserts for enhanced durability. World-class engine sealing system for superior leak protection. DIS ignition system. Poly-V -belt harmonic balancer standard.

General Data

Type 2.4L L4
Displacement 146.7 cid (2405 cc)
Compression Ratio 9.6:1
Valve Config Single Overhead Cam
Manufactured Sao Jose, Brazil
Valve Lifters Radiused Follower, Hydraulic
Bore x Stroke 3.44 in x 3.94 in (87.5 mm x 100 mm)
Balance Method Internal
Oil Pan Capacity 4.8 qt (4.6L) with filter
Fuel Types Gasoline PFI or LPG/NG mixer
Engine Rotation Clockwise (from the front)
Paint Protection Painted
Horsepower 76 hp @ 3000 rpm (Gasoline)
68 hp @ 3000 rpm (LPG)
64 hp @ 3000 rpm (NG)
36 hp @ 1800 rpm (Gasoline)
32 hp @ 1800 rpm (LPG)
30 hp @ 1800 rpm (NG)
Torque 133 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm (Gasoline)
119 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm (LPG)
112 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm (NG)
105 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm (Gasoline)
93 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm (LPG)
87 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm (NG)


Block Cast Iron
Cylinder Head Aluminum
Crankshaft Cast Iron
Pistons High Silicon Content Aluminum
Exhaust Seat Sintered Powdered Metal Insert
Gaskets Non-Asbestos

GM 2.4L Industrial Engine Parts


New cylinder head price is: $725.00

These 2.4 GM Cylinder Heads Fit Tennant Sweepers, NilFisk, Power/boss, Blue Line and Masco Aerial Lifts

Description Our Part # Notes Price
Cam Cover Gasket CCG2.4V   80.00
Camshaft CS2.4V   475.00
Camshaft Seal CSeal2.4V   75.00
Coil Pack CP2.4V Check Application 295.00
Crankshaft CSH2.4V   895.00
Crankshaft Pulley CP2.4V 2 Kinds Available 130.00
Cylinder Head CH2.4V REMANUFACTURED 395.00
Dipstick D2.4V Check Application 24.00
Dipstick Tube D2.4VT Tube ONLY 60.00
Exhaust Gasket EG2.4V   29.00
Exhaust Valves EV2.4V 4 Pack 125.00
Followers F2.4V 8 Pack 160.00
Freeze Plugs FB2.4V Compete Set 9.00
Front Crank Seal FOS2.4V   78.00
Gaskets 2.4VGAS Complete Set (No Head Bolts) 195.00
Head Bolts HB2.4V Set of 10 90.00
Head Gasket HG2.4V   65.00
Head Set HS2.4V (No Valve Stem Seals, No Head Bolts) 149.00
Intake Gasket IG2.4V   12.00
Intake Valves IV2.4V 4 Pack 190.00
Lifters L2.4V 8 Pack 170.00
Main Bearings MB2.4V Complete Set 120.00
Oil Filter OF2.4V   9.00
Oil Pan Gasket OPG2.4V RTV 26.00
Oil Pressure Switch OPS2.4V Check Application 19.00
Oil Pump OP2.4V   120.00
Pistons P2.4V Set of 4 395.00
Rear Seal RS2.4V   25.00
Rings P2.4VR Set of 4 197.00
Rod Bearings RB2.4V 4 Pack 140.00
Starter ST2.4V Check Application 395.00
Tensioner TN2.4V   265.00
Thermostat Housing TH2.4V   80.00
Thermostat Seal CS2.4V   7.50
Timing Belt TB2.4V   195.00
Timing Cover TCBP2.4V Back Part ONLY 90.00
Timing Cover TCBUL2.4V Front Half ONLY 85.00
Valve Stem Seals VS2.4V 8 Pack 90.00
Water Pump WP2.4V   295.00
Water Pump Seal WPO2.4V O Ring 8.00
Wire Set WS2.4V Check Application 110.00

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