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Forklift and Industrial Engines

Forklift & IndustrialWe currently remanufacture Forklift Engines and Industrial Engines for many individuals, shops and Forklift companies as well as Airlines for their luggage trucks. Each engine is custom remanufactured to its original specifications. Please give us a call if you have any engines not identified or listed here. Call our toll free number 1-800-767-4921.








Engine Make Custom/Stock Price
Y112 Continental Custom 1895
F163 Continental Custom 1995
F227 Continental Custom 2495
F245 Continental Custom 2495


1.6 Ford Engine 1.6 Ford Engine 1.6 Ford Engine300 FORD INDUSTRIAL ENGINE

Engine Make Custom/Stock Price
1.6 Ford Custom 1995
192 Ford Custom 3995
2.3 SOHC Ford Custom / Exchange 1895
2.3 DOHC Ford Custom / Exchange 2195
4.2 Liter V-6 Ford Custom / Exchange 1895
300 Ford Custom / Exchange 1895

General Motors

GM Engine BlockGM Engine Block

Engine Make Custom/Stock Price
153 GM Custom or Exchange 1495
181 GM Custom or Exchange 1695
250 GM Custom or Exchange 1695
2.2 Liter GM Custom or Exchange 1495
4.3 Liter V6 GM Custom or Exchange 1895
305 V8 GM Custom or Exchange 1595
350 V8 GM Custom or Exchange 1995


318 Chrysler and 360 Chrysler engines

Engine Make Custom/Stock Price
225 Chrysler Custom 1695
230 Chrysler Custom 1595
318 Chrysler Custom or Exchange 1895



Toyota Toyota

Engine Make Custom/Stock Price
4Y Toyota Custom 1995
1DZ Toyota Custom 3595

*We Will Custom Rebuild Your Forklift Engine!             

*All engines come with a one year warranty!

*Most Forklift and Industrial Engines must be custom remanufactured; cores tend not to be readily available!

*If you don`t see what you need, please call our toll free number 1-800-767-4921 with any questions!