Premature Engine Failure

Using Abrasives for Cleaning

The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on the use of abrasive grinding discs to clean components on internal combustion engines. Engine damage has been reported shortly after these discs have been used to clean gasket material from various surfaces. Read More

Problems associated with engine failures detonation and pre-ignition

When an internal combustion engine is torn down for rebuilding and badly burned and distorted pistons and valves are found, it is very likely caused by extremely high combustion chamber temperatures and pressures from detonation or pre-ignition. Generally speaking, most machine shop men know that such damage is caused from abnormal engine operation. Too often, the customer does not know what causes the costly damage, yet the machine shop man may be unjustly blamed for an engine "that didn't stand up". Read More

Detecting Overheated Engines

A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Detecting Overheated Engines and those that experience detonation and preignition, Heat Tabs. Each remanufactured engine or remanufactured cylinder head has a heat tab installed on it to indicate any overheating that has occurred. This is strictly to protect the remanufacturer and shows positive evidence that overheating has occurred on the head or block. Read More