Detecting Overheated Engines

A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Detecting Overheated Engines and those that experience detonation and preignition

Heat Tabs

Each remanufactured engine and cylinder head has a heat tab installed on it to indicate any overheating that has occurred. This is strictly to protect the remanufacturer and shows positive evidence that overheating has occurred on the head or block. Any heat tab missing, melted or is not from Budget Engine Rebuilders and or /DBA Chicago Engines is deemed not warrantable.

  • Heat sensitive center extends out .020" thicker than outer disk to make direct contact with the engine surface. This ensures proper heat transfer.
  • Holes in disc allow adhesive to seep through and properly adhere, providing added security.
  • The center of the Heat Tab melts when temperatures exceed 250 F (121 C), providing visual evidence the engine has been overheated beyond normal operating temperatures.

* You the customer are responsible to ensure that the heat tab is installed at time of installation on either the remanufactured engine or remanufactured cylinder head. Please look for the heat tab on your cylinder head or engine block when you first see it.

*Heat tabs can at times pick up detonation and preignition from abnormal combustion temperatures.

*Heat tabs will not fall off heads or blocks once mated to the block Nor will heat tabs fall off when your head or engine is over heated.