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Technical Bulletins

We are proud members of the great Automotive Engine Rebuilder Association (AERA). They`re an association made up of hundreds of other Engine Rebuilders throughout America and the world. They provide assets to rebuilders who look for there expertise and informative information pertaining to the rebuilding of engines. These technical bulletins have been compiled from other engine rebuilders within the AERA over many years. These bulletins help identify and help correct problems that occur in the engine rebuilding industry. They have graciously allowed Chicago Engines to post this information in order to help both the consumer and the rebuilders find out why something is bad and how to repair problems associated with car, light trucks and marine engines. View Tech Bulletins

Engine Installation Instructions

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Reasons for Premature Engine Failure

Some of the most common reasons for engines to fail are listed in this area. The majority of this information comes directly from the area association which we are proud members of. This association collects and documents known problems and solutions for rebuilders throughout America. As you can see that while the reasons for the failures are stated they also often contain ways of fixing these problems as well.

Should you be looking for a reason your engine failed you may find this information helpful. Any technical bulletin listed below should be helpful in fixing your problem as long as you follow the repair procedures.

View Documentation on Engine Failure