Engine Core Return Policy

In order for us to supply quality remanufactured engines and parts to the public at economical prices we must factor in the value of the old, worn out engine (core).  Some cores are only worth scrap prices, but others have great value depending upon supply and demand.

In order to receive credit, the old core received in exchange from you must meet the following conditions:

  • The casting must be the same as that which was purchased originally.
  • The old casting must be free of cracks or welds, including crankshafts and rusty castings are not acceptable.
  • Cores must have all of the parts on it that are furnished with the replacement engine.
  • Parts destroyed or not returned from common domestic gas engines as part of casting will be charged as follows: Connecting rod assembly $15-$50 each,  roller camshafts $26 each, Head Bolts $4, Push rods $2, Rocker arms $5, Unusable blocks, heads and cranks will offset the core deposit at the going core rate in Chicago, Illinois.  If your core is bad, you may turn in a like core you scrounged up as long as it meets the other requirements listed here.  If you turn up odd cores, call us and see if they are anything we can use.
  • Spun main bearing caps or missing caps on blocks are considered a non-rebuildable core.
  • A broken camshaft, broken crankshaft,  and cracks found anywhere on the block or heads, is considered unrebuildable! If your head is cracked and your block is good your core will be prorated back accordingly.
  • A Broken rod or rods will reduce the cost of reimbursement from core deposit given at the date of purchase, pending on the damage, per situation.  Some or all the core deposit could be affected.

The old core must be received for credit within thirty (30) days from date of invoice or we will assume the replacement was sold outright and remove it from our records of engines on which deposits can be credited.  Often the engine sent to you was built from a core we have sourced from an outside supplier.