Abrasive Grinding Disc Caution on Internal Combustion Engine

The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on the use of abrasive grinding discs to clean components on internal combustion engines. Engine damage has been reported shortly after these discs have been used to clean gasket material from various surfaces.

In most instances this has been done while the engine is still in chassis. Reports have included; timing chain replacement, oil pan or valve cover gasket replacement and intake manifold gaskets.

The Ford Motor Company issued a service bulletin (92-25-2) which recommends not using abrasive grinding discs for cleaning on any gasket surface. The only recommendation they make for gasket removal is to use only a manual gasket scraper.

If an abrasive disc is used to clean gasket material from a partially assembled engine, airborne grit and debris may enter the engine through an exposed cavity. That grit, may then enter the engine's oil supply and cause premature engine damage.

One of the worst instances reported states that after replacing only a timing chain, engine oil pressure was lost after fifty miles of driving. Upon examination of the engine's oil sample, gasket and abrasive materials were revealed.

For additional information see AERA Technical Bulletin TB-925 & 1808

The AERA Technical Committee