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Chryslers Jeeps 4.0 Liter

Chryslers work horse for their Jeeps was their 4.0 straight six cylinder. They created this engine and started using it in 1987 and used it all the way until 2006. This was a very good engine with little issues and worked well for the Jeeps. Over the many years they have improved the design and structure of the block and heads to provide a better ride. See below for prices.

Jeep 4.0 Liter

Chryslers Jeep 4.0 Liter

Years VIN Codes Prices
87-1990  L , M CALL
1991 S CALL
92-1995 S CALL
96-1998 S CALL
1998 S CALL
1999 S CALL
2000-01 S CALL
99-2006 S CALL

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