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Chryslers 5.2 and 5.9 Liters

Chrysler improved their 5.2 and 5.8 liter engines in 1992 when they were both classified as Magnums. The creation of the high out put heads designed and used in both engines with a new profile on the camshafts and the use of a new fuel injection configuration. These cousins were a good fit for the van, trucks, Jeeps, and SUV needs for Chrysler. We will limit our break down to the Magnums only. You don`t want to get these engines over heated or you will have an expensive repair bill. See below for their break down.

Chrysler 5.2 and 5.9 Liters

Chrysler 5.2 V-8

Years VIN Codes Prices
92-2003 T CALL
92-2003 Y (CNG) CALL

Chrysler 5.2 V-8

Years VIN Codes Prices
1992    Z , 5 CALL
93-2001  Z , 5 CALL
02-2003  Z , 5 CALL

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