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Chryslers 3.7 V6 and THE 4.7 V8 SOHC

Chryslers 3.7 liter and the 4.7 liter engines were put into trucks only. These engines are built much the same minus two cylinders. They are both SOHC engines driven by many chains with a reluctor rings that gives off the timing sequence. They came in the Jeep Grand Cherokees , pick up trucks and the Durango`s. Oil sludging has been found to be a problem with this engine so keep your oil clean!. See below for the break down. The 3.7 liter came out in 2002 and the 4.7 was introduced in 1999.

Chryslers 3.7 SOHC Dodge Engines
Chryslers 3.7 SOHC Dodge Engines
Chyslers 3.7 SOHC Dodge Engines

Chrysler 3.7 Liter V-6

Years VIN Codes Prices
02-2003 K CALL
04-2005 K CALL

Chrysler 4.7 Liter V-6

Chryslers 4.7 Dodge Engines
Chryslers 4.7 Dodge Engines
Chryslers 4.7 Dodge Engines
Years VIN Codes Prices
99-2002   N CALL
2002 J CALL
02-2003  N CALL
2003  J CALL

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