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Chryslers Famous 2.7 v-6

Chryslers powerhouse 2.7 V six DOHC made it`s debut in 1998 in the Concord and Intrepid vehicles. This engine came in both the front wheel and rear wheel applications throughout it`s run from 1998 thru 2008. This engine has had it`s problems with oil sludging issues and water pump failures as well as oil tensioners going bad. We have done many up grades to enhance the longevity of this engine. Please see the engine list below!

Chryslers Famous1
Chryslers Famous1
Chryslers Famous1
Chryslers Famous1

Chrysler famous 2.7 DOHC V-6

Years VIN Codes Prices
98-00 R Call
00-01 R Call
01-04 U,R Call
02-04 R Call
04-06 R Call
05-06 R Call

Many updates with 2007 specs:

  • ALUMINUM ROD BEARINGS-More resistant to wear than the original OE tri-metal bearings.
  • UPGRADED CHAIN TENSIONER-is used to avoid overstress on the water pump bearing.
  • CAP PLUGS-are drilled and tapped with pipe plugs to eliminate the original problem of the cap plugs leaking oil.
  • HYPEREUTECTIC PISTONS: Highly resistant to scuffing and wear.
  • MOLY PISTON RINGS: Higher durability, reduce cylinder wall wear.
  • M.L.S. (Multi-Layered Steel) HEAD GASKET: The superior multi layered design of this gasket is excellent in the prevention of gasket leakages.

Many New Parts:

  • New Pistons and Rings
  • Main bearings, Camshafts (new or remanufactured)
  • Rear main oil seal, Timing gear or chain
  • Intake & exhaust valves, Valve springs (new or remanufactured) 2.7 Timing SetTiming Marks for 2.7
  • New Lifters
  • Valve guides (as applicable), Rocker arm assemblies (new or remanufactured)
  • Rod bearings, Complete gasket set
  • Oil pump New Water pump
  • New Tensioners and guides

*These are aftermarket replacement units that will replace MerCruisers Alphas. They are not manufactured by MerCruiser.

*If you don`t see what you need, please call our toll free number 1-877-618-3718 with any questions!

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