Complete Engines - CHRYSLER - MARINE (DM3360AR)

Reverse Rotation. Uses flat hydraulic lifters and a double roller timing chain.
Year: -
Liters: 5.9L
Cubic Inch: 360
VIN Code: N/A
Engine Type: V8-OHV, CHRY. CARB - MARINE.
Cylinders: 8 Cyl. Engines and Crankshaft Kits.
Our Part Number Complete: DM3360AR
Our Part Number Short Block: N/A
Block Casting Number or Visual ID: 3870230, 4006830, 4045601, 4179930
Casting Number Location:
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Cylinder Head Information

Cylinder Head Part Number#: MH4050
Head Casting Number or Visual ID#: 434805, 4343923, 4448302

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Crankshaft Kit Information

Kit Part Number#: 13479RM
Crank Casting Number or Visual ID#: 3418640, 4027169

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