Complete Engines - Chevy/Geo (SU8809)

Make: Chevy/Geo
Year: 1991 - 1993
Liters: 1.6L
Cubic Inch: 1590
VIN Code: U
Engine Type: 4-SOHC, SUZUKI FI, RWD/4WD.
Cylinders: 4 Cyl. Engines and Crankshaft Kits
Our Part Number Complete: SU8809
Our Part Number Short Block: SU809
Block Casting Number or Visual ID: G16 - A
Casting Number Location: Upper left side of bell housing.
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Cylinder Head Information

Cylinder Head Part Number#: H27005
Head Casting Number or Visual ID#: 8 valves

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Crankshaft Kit Information

Kit Part Number#: 36089
Crank Casting Number or Visual ID#: K - N

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